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About Us

About USM

Usm is the essential online resource for students.
Our purpose is to help and connect students.

We encourage a student-to-student exchange of textbooks, notes, and anything related to student life (electronics, Fashion, sports equipment, appliances, tickets, housing, opportunities etc.).  

We aim to make the college experience easier by allowing students to save money, connect students in the same university and others as well.  We do not charge any fees or commission for using this site, and we also have no intention of doing so in the future.    

USM is also a great online destination for professor ratings.  Choosing the best courses and professors can be overwhelming, we want to make that process simple and easy. Students have always been sharing opinions about professors, we created an organized easy-to-use platform. 

USM offers students an easy way to sell their old textbooks and find new or used textbooks before classes’ starts.   We want to improve test scores, so we encourage students to exchange notes, study guides, and flash cards through our website. 

USM aims to encourage universities to connect with one another.  

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Company Information-

USM is one of the brands created by Lazatin Media Brands. Founded by Jesus Patricio S. Lazatin, who was frustrated by high costs of textbooks and lack of readily available course material. He also realized that part of the college experience is the people you meet along the way. Building connections is essential during and after college. He wanted to create an easy to use website where students connect, get resources for better grades, save, and earn money. 

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